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Dresslink matching set (here)
H&M sandals
Forever 21 necklace, sunnies
Happy Sunday! I have finally received my  package from Dress Link and am here to share my thoughts. First off, the shipping took quite some time, but I expected this as they were coming from China and international shipping can take long. My order processed May 28 and I received my package June 13. My one complaint is that it they gave me the wrong item. I ordered a dress and they gave me a romper instead.
That being said, I love this matching set! I love how it ties in both the front and back. The material is breathable and light, being perfect for summer. I think that the thin, vertical stripes really elongate your body. Dress Link is the ideal place to go to buy all your trendy pieces. The price cannot be beat! It’s so inexpensive and there are tons of things to choose from. Stay tuned because I will be styling the shirt that I got from them as well. 
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