Home is Where Your Dog Is

Old Navy moto jacket
Boohoo crop top (here)
Zara skirt (here)
Deal Sale clutch (Item SV020902)
H&M booties

I came home from school for the weekend to visit the family and to work a few shifts at my job at home. Nothing ever beats coming home to your dog greeting you, especially if it has been a month since you have seen them. My dog, Kono, went ballistic and it made my heart melt! He is such a cutie. 
It was a bit warm today, so I decided to take advantage and wear a skirt because it’s probably going to be one of the last chances I get! I am still so obsessed with this mustard yellow pencil skirt from Zara. Today, I decided to pair it with a forest green crop top to provide that full autumn effect. I match with the leaves, hehe!


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