Philadelphia Fashion Week – Macy’s Front Row

Hey, lovelies! First off, I apologize for my infrequent posting. I had to abandon my usual schedule because I have had a ton of school work and top top it off, my laptop was malfunctioning and I had to send it in for repair, so I am computerless for 5 business days…(currently borrowing my brother’s). I feel like I lost a limb.

Anyways, last week was Philadelphia Fashion Week and I was lucky enough to be invited the Philadelphia Incubator Show at Macy’s. I got a preview of Macy’s latest ready-to-wear styles. This was pretty neat because after the show, the audience was able to shop the runway pieces right away. As far as fall trends, there was a lot of shades of deep red and it was all about the accessories.

We also got to see a preview of upcoming spring pieces from the current class of Philadelphia Fashion Incubator designers. This is a non-profit collaboration between the City of Philadelphia, Macy’s, and the Center City district where they take local fashion designers and work with them for 1 year to help build their brand by offering a variety of resources, workspace, and mentoring. Hands down, my favorite were the designs from Milano Di Rouge a beautiful collection of men and women street wear styles.

Lastly, they brought out Mah-Jing Wong, a previous Project Runway contestant, with stunning denim pieces. Absolutely in love with this graphic tee!

This was such a lovely experience and it makes me so happy to see such wonderful talent coming from Philadelphia. Our city is definitely rising to the top of the fashion game and I am glad to be here in the midst of it!


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