Waves of Grain

Good morning, lovelies. I know it’s a bit strange to see a post from me on a Thursday, but I don’t think I am going to have the change to Friday. So why not a day early, right? I shot these photos yesterday and shortly after wrapping up, I dropped my dslr on a pile of rocks and my lens got scratched! I was so sad, but luckily it’s not too terrible and the lens is still usable. This is why I can’t have nice things, haha.

Anyways, today’s outfit is rather casual. I completely forgot I had this cap and wanted to wear it and thought it went well with the neutrals in the rest of the outfit. I’m wearing one of my favorite graphic tees from Staple layered underneath this tan boyfriend blazer. Shooting in this location really made me want to go enjoy some cliche fall festivities like pumping pinking and cider consuming around a campfire – haha! I have not done in that in so long!

Have a good Halloween weekend! Stay safe!


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