It’s a State of Mind

Happy humpday, lovelies. For my new readers, do you know why I chose the name, Enclothed Cognition, as the title of my blog? Enclothed cognition is the idea that what we wear greatly affects our mood and outlook. Thus, if we wear what we love and feel confident in, our mood will reflect this and has a much more positive impact on your daily life. So, girl if you feel comfortable in that crop top and heels or those sweatpants and baseball cap, do not worry about what anyone else is going to think of it and just worry about slaaaying!
Today’s outfit features my two favorite colors to wear: black and tan. I was actually just running errands on this day and was like is this too much? Never. This entire outfit is comprised of some of my favorite things to wear right now: long duster, crop top, joggers, and sock boots! Definitely got a couple of strange looks from some people in the food store, but  ¯_(ツ)_/¯. 


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