First Experience with Bullet Journaling

What is a Bullet Journal?

You have probably heard of a “bullet journal” (or Bujo for short) before, but if not it is this organizational system developed by Ryder Carroll that has been gaining popularity. It is a journal, planner, diary, log, to-do list, located all-in-one place. I was trying to explain it to my boyfriend and he said,”…So, it basically is a blank journal?”. Essentially, yes it is just an empty notebook, but I think that is the beauty of it. You have the opportunity to completely customize this journal and to fill its pages with whatever you desire. I will direct you to the introductory video by the official Bullet Journal website:

Who is it designed for?

The Bullet Journal is for anyone. However, it is ideal for people…

  • Who have millions of to-do lists laying around
  • Who struggle to stay organized
  • Who enjoy stationary, journaling, & scrapbooking
  • Who cannot live without their planner
  • Who are seeking a unique creative outlet
  • Who keep a diary
  • Who are patient

What do you need to get started?

To start your own Bujo, the only things you really need are a blank journal and a pen. However, there a couple useful tools that improve the process including: a ruler, pens (ink, glitter, colored, markers), stickers, and washi tape. The journal I am using is the Strathmore softbound drawing journal and I picked it up at Michael’s Craft Store.

How to Start a Bujo?


After conducting my research prior to starting my own Bullet Journal, I found the first thing to do is to use the first 3-4 pages to make an index. This will be filled out as you go and is an easy way to keep track of all the content and to use as a quick reference to find a specific page in your journal. Next, I used 3 pages to create a future log by laying out each month in calendar form, so I was able to see an overview of the entire year. The next page I utilized to create the Bullet Journal key (pictured below). These symbols will help keep all of your tasks in check. Following that, I started my December section and began with a monthly log (pictured above). The next page breaks down my week where I am able to jot down all my daily tasks and events. After the weekly log, I dedicated a page to “blog ideas”. This is where the beauty of it comes in because you can seriously fill the pages with anything you want/need.

What are some fun Bujo ideas?

Helpful Resources

That concludes my quick overview of Bullet Journaling. My own journal is now only 3 days old, but has been proven to be quite useful already, especially as a student heading into final exam season. The day I started it, I spent a solid 4 hours putting it together, so I do conclude with a slight warning. Bullet Journaling takes a lot of patience and does require some time commitment. but it is a unique way to stay organized and creative.


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