Fuct It

Happy Friday, babes! So ready for the weekend. I have completed all of my classes and only 2 final exams separate me from fully enjoying my winter break. It is so weird to think I only have one semester of college left. To be completely honest, I am quite nervous since I do not have an official job lined up yet post-graduation. I plan on applying to a multitude of jobs this winter break. If you guys have any connections..hook a sista up hahaha.

This outfit is reflective of my mood as I finish out my last fall term. I am wearing this Fuct t-shirt that I tied in the center to make it more flattering on since it is a men’s shirt. I paired it with this silk cardigan, but to be completely honest it is actually a robe I decided to wear as an outwear piece. Lastly, I just wore a comfortable pair of high-waisted denim and my sock booties.


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