You’re Spectacular – Review


Fun fact: When people say “blind as a bat”, they are basically referring to my natural seeing capabilities (or lack thereof). My eyesight is so terrible and I have been on this enduring quest to find the absolute perfect pair of frames that 1) Stay on my Asian-structured nose and 2) I feel completely confident in. I have been so reliant on my contact lenses ever since I got them when I was in fifth grade. I wear them everyday because glasses were a nuisance to me. I found that pushing my frames back up on my nose every 5 seconds was quite bothersome and have never really fallen in love with a pair. 

However, I am being completely honest with you. These prescribed glasses I received from are absolutely amazing. They have the non-slip nose pads that forces them to stay securely on my face (even when I look down)! The best part is, I actually think they look good on me from all angles. I had a similar metal framed pair but always thought they were slanted on my face weird so I stopped wearing them. 

These frames are definitely a quality product. The frame feels quite sturdy and durable, which is good because I am a proven klutz and cannot live with a flimsy pair of glasses. I feel these metal frames glasses have the ability to look good on everybody, but if these are not your cup of tea, has more than 2,500 styles (in-house and designer brands) for you to choose from. Plus, it will not break the bank. A complete pair of glasses, frames and lenses, starts at just $48. If you are in the market for some new spectacles, I highly recommend!

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