A Timeless Love Affair ft. Jord Wood Watches

Time is a manmade phenomenon. We are constantly counting the hours, counting the days, counting the years. As much as I would love to love in the moment, time is crucial to the functioning of society, so why not count time in the chicest way possible, am I right?

I have been seeing these amazing wood watches everywhere on blogs and social media and thought they were so unique. That is why I was floored when JORD reached out to me. To be quite honest, I did not know if I was able to pull it off such a rustic, wood timepiece, but when I came across the Ebony & Gold model, I fell in love. This particular one is crafted out dark, ebony wood and features a gold face. If you guys know me at all, I love wearing black and gold so this watch would seriously grow with just about any outfit I wear. Specifically, this outfit is a bit quirky what with the cheetah faux-fur jacket, frayed denim, and fishnet socks, but I think this JORD watch adds a bit of class and timelessness back into the look.

Can we just talk about the packaging too for a sec (see first photo)? It was delivered in this gorgeous  wood box and it even has a drawer underneath so you can stash all the watch accessories inside. I love when companies have such an attention to detail. Just this past year I have become an avid watch wearer and it has gotten to the point that if I am not wearing it, I feel naked! This JORD watch is the perfect addition to my accessory collection. If you are in the market for a new watch, either for you or your boo, definitely check them out!

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