My boyfriend likes to bestow his unwanted t-shirts on me…which I am always grateful for. Hence how this “Koreatown” shirt ended up in my possession. I love big tees with simple graphics, so it was naturally right up my alley. I decided to pair it with these scalloped pants that are conveniently hemmed to show off my denim sk8-hi’s! Lastly, I just draped my favorite moto jacket overtop and called it a day.

I also wanted to include a premature monthly favorites to this post, since I don’t really have enough to constitute a whole other entry and haven’t done one in quite some time.

Music Favorites:

Fashion Favorite:

This Guess t-shirt I scored from Marshall’s for only $10. I love how it’s a flame pattern! 🔥

YouTube Favorite:
Putting streetwear to the test. Is the Supreme x North Face actually durable?
That’s it! I haven’t really done any shopping this month since I am trying my best to stay frugal. It’s been effective..somewhat. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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