Sunday Adventures ft. Glamping with Pets

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I decided to take the pup out for a walk in the park because we were seeking some fresh air. I am 100% the typical crazy dog lady that wold do anything for their pet, so it absolutely breaks my heart when I have to leave mine when I go away for trips (or even when I leave the house for 5 seconds, let’s be real). I was so fascinated when Glamping with Pets reached out to me about their service. If you did not know what “glamping” is, it is luxury camping or glamorous camping. No wimpy, uncomfortable tents here! However, the best thing about Glamping with Pets is that they feature getaways that are completely pet tolerated, so you don’t leave any of the family behind.

The website features tons of different types of camping options, including tree houses, tipis, and cabins. I am hoping to do one of these pet-friendly trips in the summer with Kono (my golden retriever) and my boyfriend (that Asian guy). Definitely check out their website if you are looking for a escape from reality with your furry friend.


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