Statement Spring Sandals



If you saw my last post, you might have noticed these killer sandals I wore. However, I adore them so much I wanted to address them in a completely new post. I was lucky enough to receive these bad boys from Beast Fashion LA. This was a great way for me to try out the velvet trend in a way that was suitable to my style. I was not really attracted to too much velvet in one outfit (ex. velvet shirt or dress), but I was all for these velvety grey sandals. The texture adds a lovely sheen and a bit of dimension to them. Not to mention it pairs so nicely with the gold hardware. I will also have you know, I wore them out on the night of my birthday and my feet did not hurt at all. Not only are they cute, but practical and comfortable which is what I like to see!


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  1. These are super cute especially since I haven't seen any strappy cut out sandals with velvet! I didn't even know these were velvet in your last post, I'm so glad you gave us a better look.

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