I have come a long way these past few years of my life as far as confidence goes. I was always the shy girl in school who was often forgotten about and was left to fade into the background, but somehow I summoned the courage to change this. I learned to appreciate every part of me – inside and out. This is certainly not an easy task, especially in today’s modern age.

These past couple of months, I found my self-confidence quietly slipping away. Yes, I was still happy, but I felt a sort of mild anxiety bubbling beneath the surface. I was weeks away from graduating university and although I was ecstatic to be done with my education forever, I did not have a plan and it absolutely terrified me. Friends and family were asking what I was doing after I graduate and all I could do was merely shrug. This is where my self-confidence faltered and I started to question everything. What if I chose the wrong major? Attended the wrong university? Didn’t study enough? Should I even pursue fashion?

This quietly went on for the past couple of weeks and I thought I should just come to terms that I would be unemployed forever (Dramatic, I know). I continued to half-heartedly apply to jobs online, hoping for a miracle. Finally, after what felt like ages, I received a couple of requests for follow up interviews from a few companies. I rejoiced and I finally received an offer last week. I felt so relieved that I could finally provide an answer to those asking about my future plans. My incessant worrying and fears seemed so silly.

Self-confidence is a tricky matter and something that needs to be continually worked upon. It may be diminished with FOMO or scrolling through an instagram model’s feed or from being temporary unemployed and feeling lost. I have come to realize it is just a part of life, but we should collectively do all we can to love ourselves. Here are some of my self-confidence tips:

1. Compliment yourself when you look in the mirror everyday!
2. Play dress up. Find a cute outfit and go out for the day. After all, enclothed cognition is a real thing! What you wear does affect your overall attitude and confidence.
3. Do something you love. Make time for your hobbies!
4. Spend a few hours during the week to spend some time alone and focus on yourself. For me, this is my Sunday night ritual where I like to spend time pampering myself. This means painting my nails, doing a face mask, and listening to my favorite music.
5. Surround yourself with at least one good friend.




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85 Replies to “Self-Love”

  1. A good post and good reminder that we all have anxieties that can hold us back if we let them…
    I think making time for hobbies is the most important thing to do in life, it should never all be about work and chores it's an easy way to lose who you actually are!
    Good luck with the job 😀

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

  2. Congrats on the job! Life after college is tricky as you try to navigate the job world and figure out if what you studied is what you love. I definitely know what you mean about self-confidence sometimes being stronger than others. You've got this!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I understand that feeling of graduating and not knowing what's next! I quit a job I got after I graduated because I wasn't happy there and it's been over six months of unemployment and I'm just slowly getting interviews for jobs I might enjoy. It's rough and there's a lot of pressure. Glad you got an offer and slowly gaining more confidence back!

  4. ooh I've been there and still remember how terrible that feeling of not knowing what your future is going to be is. glad you've got things sorted out, hope for the best! lovely outfit btw, you can never go wrong with bohemian look.

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