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I posted this photo on my instagram yesterday and mentioned how I used to be so self-conscious of the rather large birthmark running across my ribs (it is hard to see in the photo above with the filter). However, as I grew older and wiser, I came to realize that instead of being embarrassed by it, I should embrace it because this mark is what makes me an individual. This is a gentle reminder to love yourself because despite what social media advertises, perfection isn’t realistic. Instead, I really wish society celebrated the imperfections more often.

Do you know what Enclothed Cognition actually means? I chose this title for my blog because I wanted there to be a focus on building self-confidence within yourself. Working in fashion can get a bad rep because many view it as materialistic and superficial. Yet, if we look at fashion at a different angle, enclothed cognition comes to light and highlights the idea that we can gain confidence by merely feeling good in the clothes we decide to wear.

Listen: My talk on fashion & self-love via the podcast, “The Tao of Self-Confidence”

I wanted to bring up this subject of self-confidence yet again because I think we all should be continually reminded to love ourselves. I started a new installment on this blog a month ago where I interview people and their take on the correlation between how we dress and how we feel. I will be continuing this segment very soon, so please stay tuned! Also, if you have anyone in particular you wish for me to interview, drop a comment down below.

Read: Enclothed Cognition – Claudia Jordan


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24 Replies to “A Thought on Self-Confidence”

  1. I love this post. I've always found birthmarks quite beautiful and I'm glad to hear it's something that you now embrace, as it's these details which make us each unique. I certainly agree that the way we dress can do a great deal for our confidence and it's amazing what a transformation it can make to someones self esteem. Very wise words indeed, I'm definitely going to go and check out your interview posts. 🙂

    Samio x

  2. I love this post! I started my own blog, Daily Kongfidence to show just that – feeling confident in ourselves no matter what we wear or how we look or how old we are. We should own it and rock it. This top is beautiful and I love that it shows off your birthmark. I can't wait to see more on this self confidence! xoxo, Christine

  3. I've always been like this with my boobs, I've always been known as the girl with big boobs, and would love a reduction, but I'd never put my body in a position where I could possibly harm it over something like this. It's quite refreshing to read a blog about someones life, rather than the typical posts about the latest fashion trends, so thank you for this!


  4. This was such an empowerful post! When I tell everybody that I love the scars that people have they don't believe me but I really mean it. Like, there is an story behind that mark, and it's part of who you are and we should all be proud of them. For example, I have a scar on my forehead, and a lot of people tease me that I'm "Harry Potter" but I laugh when they say that because I fuckin' love Harry and it's an amazing character hahah. So I think we should always look at the bright side of our insecurities.
    I didn't know what enclothed cognition means but I think it's amazing and it shows that you're a beautiful human being that deserves nothing but happiness 🙂


  5. This post rang a bell with me because I also have a birthmark on my stomach, just above my belly button. I absolutely hated it when I was younger. I hated wearing bikinis because I thought it was so ugly and that everyone was looking at it judging it. Like you, I was so embarrassed about it. It's funny looking back at that now because I am not sure what happened or how my view changed but now I don't even remember it's there half the time.

    Emily | http://emilytrinh.com

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